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Weather & Climate in Hua HIn
How is the weather in Hua Hin..?
Most people would probably say that, regarding the weather conditions, the best time to visit Thailand is during the months of November to February. During that period the monsoon blow cool and dry air all over the country and give a little respite from the, at times, very humid heat. The temperature ranges during this period from about 18C. to 32C. Arguably you will experience the highest temperatures in the capital Bangkok and the southern provinces and the "coldest" in the cities in the north eg. in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai..

Northern Thailand
In the northern and north-eastern parts of Thailand it can sometimes be even cooler with temperatures down to 9-10C. in the mornings and from time to time down to about 20C. at daytime. At night you can even experience the temperatures going even further down near freezing.
If you are not into too much heat, and maybe visit Thailand to play golf, then the months from November to January are by far preferable..
The climate in Hua Hin Thailand
Quick Facts about the average weather conditions in Hua Hin..
* It is always hot in Hua Hin.
* December is the least hot month.
* January and December are the driest months.
* April and May are the hottest months.
* Quite some rain in the rainy season from May to October, but not every and all day.
* September is the most rainy month.
Weather map
What about the rainy-season ?
Some has the wrong perception that the rainy season in Thailand offers constant rain, which is certainly not the case. The rainy season can best be described as erratic weather conditions.
During the rainy season, most of the day can easily be very sunny, but at times, you will also be able to experience very heavy and prolonged rain showers. Ex. as was the case in September/October 2011 when large parts of Thailand were subject to major problems with flooding. Especially in the capital Bangkok and the resort town of Pattaya.

A typical week in Hua Hin, during the rainy season, will usually offer drizzle to heavy rains every day, but it may well be just for a half hour a day some days and a few hours on other days. Most often, the sky will be cloudy or very hazy, why it is not so often that the sun shines from a completely cloudless sky during the rainy season. Yet, every day, the sun sends its rays through the clouds so you can easily get a tan on the beach, if that is what you want. Be careful with dangerous UV rays and use sun blocker..
One thing is for sure though, cloudy or not, it is still very hot during the rainy season, with temperatures most days up to about 30-35c, and the water is also nice and warm all year long..
All in all one could say that the rainy season certainly can be a good period to visit Thailand. The landscape is during this time of year much more lush, green and beautiful. At the same time, the buildings and the city in general thoroughly "dusted off" by the sometimes heavy rain showers.

Month by month ..
Below you will find a description of how each month will most often be experienced in Hua Hin. Please note that it is average and there may be outages from year to year ...
January is a very very lovely month, perhaps one of the best to visit Hua Hin. The weather is very nice with sun each and every day and temperatures that are very nice too both at day- or nighttime. The humidity is quite low so its is very pleasant..

Air: 22-30C.
Sea: 28C.
Hours with sun: 9
Days with rain: 1/10 mm
A little bit warmer than in January, and there are many tourists in Hua Hin due to winter holidays in the scandinavian countries.
If you play golf then it is about to being really hot and you should go for the teetimes set very earliest in the morning.

Air: 23-32C
Sea: 28C
Hours with sun: 9
Days with rain: 1/30mm
Ouch ! now it is very hot in Hua Hin..
Temperatures at daytime that seldom goes under 30C. and more often at lot closer to 35C.

Air: 24-33C
Sea: 29C
Hours with sun: 10
Days with rain: 3/20mm
Is usually the hottest month in Thailand, where temperatures reached its absolute peak.
If you do you love the warmth and if you visit Thailand in April you also get the chance to experience the Thai New Year, Songkran..said to be the world's largest water fight. Songkran is celebrated every year in Thailand from 13. April and typically lasts for a few days.

Air: 26-34C.
Sea: 30C.
Hours with sun: 9
Days with rain: 3/40mm
Day temperature is almost constant at an average of 30C. But there may as well once in a while be really hot days where the temperatures reaches above 35 degrees. In addition about May, the rainy season usually has its entry and the number of days with rain are now rising significantly. The nights are hot around the 26C. and when you go out at night you could clearly feel the high humidity..

Air: 26-34C
Sea: 30C
Hours with sun: 8
Days with rain: 9/120mm
An increasing number of western tourists choose to spend their summer holiday in Thailand, and as you probably know, the months of June and July is also among the “months of the rainy season” .
Therefore, you will most likely also experience rain showers every day if you choose to spend your summer vacation in Thailand. However, it is a fact that Hua Hin is one of the cities where it rains least and somewhat less than on Phuket, so do not be deterred by the rainy season. It does not rain all day, at least rarely, and it is still very hot both on land and in the sea..

Air: 25-33C
Sea: 29C
Hours with sun: 7
Days with rain: 12/100mm
From late May to late October we have the rainy season. It is in these months where most of Thailand's annual precipitation falls. At this time it is hot in Thailand and the humidity coming up to near 90% so it is therefore a very humid heat you will experience during the rainy season. With temperatures around 30 degrees.

Air: 26-33C
Sea: 29C
Hours with sun: 7
Days with rain: 12/90mm
Is the rainiest month in Hua Hin. Naturally the precise rainfall in september varies from year to year, but is typically somewhere between 200-300 mm. For comparison, the average yearly precipitation in the UK is approximately arround 850 mm.
If you take a walk in the streets of Hua Hin, you will see the very high curbs along the roads of the city. At first glance you might think that it 's not particularly useful to build such high curbs especially with regard to the handicapped or disabled, but when they experience torrential downpours during the rainy season, you will definitely understand why the roads are brought such..

Air: 25-33C
Sea: 29C
Hours with sun: 7
Days with rain: 13/300mm
Normaly the month where the rainy-season end, but sometimes it stretches into november..

Air: 24-31C
Sea: 29C
Hours with sun: 7
Days with rain: 14/200mm
Oh its so nice to be in Hua Hin in november. Almost no rain, pleasant and not too hot temperatures both during daytime or at night.
Finally.. not to many tourists :-)

Air: 24-30C
Sea: 29C
Hours with sun: 8
Days with rain: 4/140mm
The town is decorated for Christmas time and although Christians represent less than 2% of the population the Buddhists are keen to let Westerners celebrate Christmas.
In December you can expect pleasant temperatures and many sunny hours..but for snow, unfortunately :-)

Air: 22-29C
Sea: 28C
Hours with sun: 9
Days with rain: 1/10mm
April weather in Hua Hin
Best time to visit Hua Hin ?
In addition to the weather, the total cost of the trip, will for most people also play a certain role. The high season is between Christmas/New Year and February, so at this point the hotel prices are of course also at their highest. The high season is also the busiest, with the hustle and bustle for the Thai people who are employed in the tourism industry.
Out of season there is much more quietly, and this is where you as a guest to a greater extent do feel like being the "king" and will experience the best of Thai hospitality.

The best time to visit Hua Hin is probably the time from mid-November to mid-December. Everything is green, the waterfalls in the area has plenty of water, and the sea is on several stretches still relatively cool with temperatures around 25-27 degrees.
If price does not play a role then February or March also very good, but in April it will for some seem too hot. If you can live with some short rains and the slightly more sedate atmosphere outside the high season (you can be almost alone in the hotel), the time from June to September is a wonderful period, where the sea is nice, warm and quiet.
Air temperatures
Weather in Hua Hin