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Soi Bintabaht Hua Hin nightlife
Hua Hin nightlife
Hua Hin Nightlife beerbar
Hua Hin will most likely never be even close to places like Patong Phuket, Bangkok or Pattaya when it comes to the more colorfull aspects of the nightlife scene in Thailand. How ever Hua Hin has got an ever increasing nightlife area concentrated arround the streets of Soi Bintabaht just opposite the street of the popular Hua Hin Hilton hotel.

The nightlife of Hua Hin certainly does not belong to Thailand's wildest. The reason why the nightlife in Hua Hin is not as noisy and significant as other holiday resorts in Thailand, is most likely that the royal thai family usually lives in their palace in the city.

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The most important area for "Hua Hin after Dark" is undoubtedly the area in the city center, which is locally called Soi Bintabaht. Soi Bintabaht is a real “party area”, why some may also call it the Red-Light district of Hua Hin, but anyways this is the place where you will find the most Beer bars and nightclubs in the city.

Soi Bintabaht is just a stone's throw from Hua Hin's most significant temple.
Bintabaht is undoubtedly "where it happens" in Hua Hin, but is still quite subdued to the wild nightlife of, for example, Pattaya. The nightlife og Hau Hin is therefore also more attractive for those who want a more calm atmosphere, and with space for both men and women who want a fun evening in the city ..
The most popular disco in Hua Hin is the Hi4 disco which is located on the main road to Bangkok. This is where the locals hangs out, not only in the weekends but also in the weekdays. The music is loud and there are often really many people both weekdays and weekends.

Go to HI4 if you want to meet local girls and guys, and listen to deafening Thai pop music. Keep in mind that the "working" girls are hanging out here too..

The most popular nightclub among foreigners is the Hilton's Hilton Discotheque, which may be a bit misleading for a disco called “The Beer House”.
The disco at the Hilton Hotel is open for everyone and not only guests at the hotel. The interior is quite similar to what you may know from the smaller discotheques in Europe and there is also the possibility to sit outside if you want some fresh air.

As a rule of thumb, Live music is to be listened to at the Beer House every night and most of the time, there are also professional dancers on stage.
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Future outlook of the nightlife of Hua Hin..

The Hua Hin, talk of town, says that in the coming years there will be introduced various restrictions on Soi Bintabaht, especially to get rid of the "less serious" bars and instead make room for a little more of the nicer cafes and shops aimed at the general tourist who does not necessarily go for the vibrant nightlife.

Thus, there are political forces in the city who want to move the "nightlife" from the central part of the city to other parts of Hua Hin outside the exact city center. Like for example
Soi 80..

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This debate, and if you want, "interest conflict” in political life, seems to have been going on for a number of years. Those who have visited Hua Hin on a yearly basis in recent years will probably feel that the trend has been going towards ever more and more nightlife..

Naming all bars in Hua Hin and keeping this page updated with correct names will almost be an impossible task as ownership and names in each place change with relatively high frequency. Nevertheless, there are a number of places that have proven to attract a faithful audience and keep themselves running for a long time.
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