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Thai Massage
Relax in body and mind..
Hua Hin offers a lot opportunities to enjoy a wide range of spa and massage facilities. Traditional Thai Massage can be enjoyed on the beaches or in more private surroundings in one of the many massage parlors in the city centre. More than 50 massage parlors are to be found in Hua Hin, and there are many different options to choose from whether you prefer the simple half an hour treatment or the more luxurious wellness..

Most of the hotels in the city either offers their own wellness facilities or can easily recommend a place which matches your preferences.

Traditional Thai Massage is a 2500 years old treatment which combines Chinese Reflexology with ancient Indian yoga techniques and stretching exercises. Traditional Thai massage is a fantastic and relaxing form of massage and has NOTHING to do with any sort of sexual services. However, if one is looking for the “red light” services it can also be found in Hua Hin..
The traditional Thai Massage..
If you have not tried it before then you should definitely give yourself a fantastic vacation experience and enjoy the genuine traditional Thai massage during your stay in Hua Hin.

Many of the hotels in the inner city have their own massage service and massage therapists employed, and if you move out of the city you will find a massage parlor at nearly every street corner..
How about an hour of oil massage for just about 10 USD ?
Yes, it may sound almost too good to be true but nevertheless, it is exactly what you can look forward to during the holiday in Thailand..

All massage parlors in Hua Hin offer beyond the traditional Thai massage also traditional oil-massage where you can get massage all over the body.

An hour of oil massage is available most places from around 200-300 baht. If you live in the larger hotels which have their own massage service, prices can be a bit higher, but 10 USD would be the approximate price level along the beach and most small massage parlors in Hua Hin.