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Fun day out in Hua Hin for every one
Fun day out in Hua Hin
What makes fun for one person, does not necessarily do the same for an other !
But we have nevertheless collected some of the things, that we think are the most fun in Hua Hin. Things that should be guaranteed to bring a smile on most peoples faces, regardless of age.

Bring family and friends and have some fun hours in Hua Hin !

1. Hua Hin City Tour

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Hua Hin City Tour
On this 1 day tour, you will experience different exiting places in Hua Hin. You will start the day, in the mountains in the outskirts of the city, at the stunning viewpoint Kaho Hin Lek Fai, where you can look all over the city. Next you will go to the Hua Hin Train Station and see the trademark of the city, The Royal Phra Mongkut Klao Pavilion.
Later in the day you will go to places like The Venezia, Santorini Park, Swiss Sheep Farm and the Ploenwan Market, before you will arrive back at you hotel at around 18.30 hrs.

2. Vananava Water Park

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Located south of the city center, is the newest and biggest water park in Hua Hin.

In connection to the water park you will also find the amazing hotel Holiday Inn Hotel with its breathtaking (and nerve wrecking) glass floor in the Sky Bar..
A lot of water slides and pools makes this the perfect place to go for fun seeking families !

3. Black Mountain Water Park

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About Black Mountain Water Park..
This was the first ever water park to be build in the Hua Hin area and does still provide thousands of people every year with a fun time out.

Skip the Queue..

4. For Art´s Sake

For Art´s Sake family photo 4D
About For Art´s Sake..
Do not miss out on a visit to For Art´s Sake in Hua Hin. This is a super fun place for both kids and all other childish souls who want a good laugh and some really nice and funny photos to take home from the holidays.

At For Art´s Sake you can experience 10 different zones with picturesque 4D scenarios where you can experience absolutely fantastic optical deceptions and interactive engagement.

5. Blue Port

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About Blue Port…
O.k. we have to admit that going shopping might not be the fun part of a holiday for everyone but we have to list Blueport on this site as this is the newest shopping center in Hua Hin city and besides of a lot of nice shopping stalls it does also offer good restaurants and now and then also other kinds of entertainment as live music, theater etc.

6. Market Village Shopping center

Market Village Hua Hin Shopping
About Market Village…
Shopping, Bowling, Restaurants and Cafés. Go to Market Village shopping center if you want to visit places like Levis, Lacoste, Mc Donalds, Swensens Ice Cream, Starbucks and other well known international retail- and restaurant brands.

5. Water Sports

Water sport in Hua Hin
About Water sport in Hua Hin…
Hua Hin is really the place to go if you want to enjoy all kinds of different water sports activities.
Hua Hin might for example be one of the best places in Thailand for Kitesurfing but if you are not into that you could also try out Jetskis or what about a fun ride with family or friends on a inflated banana boat ? Stroll along the beach and you can not avoid to see the surfing schools or rental vendors..

6. Siam Milisim Hua Hin

7. Introduction to the Thai Kitchen

Thai Kitchen School in Hua Hin
Wanna learn how to make Thai Food ?
This is an excellent choice for food lovers ! You will start the day going shopping at the famous ChatChai Food Market in Hua Hin where you will pick the ingredients for the Thai Food you are going to cook later in the day.
You will learn to make exellent Thai Food and Soups all by your self. Maybe you allready know taste full dishes like the Tom Yum Soup, Pad Thai..learn how to do !