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Hua Hin City Beach
Top beaches in Hua HIn
First time visitors to Hua Hin will most likely only go to one or two of the beaches closet to the city centre but if you want to see something more than that then try to ask one of the many tuk-tuk drivers if they can show you their favourite beach.

This is a list of the top best beaches in Hua Hin..

The main beach in Hua Hin is more than 10 km long and stretches all the way from city to south to "Abebjerget" and the area called Khao Takiap. The size of the beach makes it always possible to find a quiet and peaceful place to enjoy the sun and the wonderful beautiful sea in the Thai Bay.
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Photo: The Hua Hin City Beach.
Along the beach there is ample opportunity to take advantage of the many family-friendly activities such as pony riding, surfing and sailing on the banana boat. Or what about an hour's great massage right on the beach?

Hua Hin is one of Thailand's best and most popular places for kite surfing, so you often want to see many kitesurfers in the water next to the beach in Hua Hin city in the late afternoon hours. A peculiar view is to consider the many kitesurfers who usually use the southern part of the beach and thus never come in contact with the usual bathing tourists.

The beach in Hua Hin is a really nice sandy beach and most places very child friendly with the ability to soak in the water several meters off the coast.
Most places along the beach are possible to rent beach chairs and umbrellas, as well as buy food and drink in restaurants and smaller stalls.
Hua Hin City beach
Photo: Food stalls and sunbeds near the Hilton Hotel.
Are there still beach chairs and sun beds in Hua Hin?
This is a question that is often asked to us and the answer is short and good YES!
You can take it completely fun! It is not forbidden to set up beach beds and sunbeds in Hua Hin and there are still both and beach umbrellas in Hua Hin ..
However, except for Wednesday, where the beach will "rest" ... as the military has decided.

However, you can still lie on the beach without any problems on Wednesday, but the day is meant for peace and quiet and maybe a little clean-up on the beach.

The military has set out strict rules for who can sell and rent what on the beach itself and how long chairs and umbrellas have to be put. This means that the "business owners” now have to be authorized to operate on the beach. For example, if you go to Phuket and Pattaya, there are certain stretches on the beach where it is completely forbidden to set up beach chairs. Yet it does not appear to be the case in Hua Hin, though there may be strings where simply no justifications have been issued.
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Photo: Khao Takiab mountain in the top left.
The best beach for children?
In our opinion, the best beach for children, the beach is located directly on the north side of Khao Takiab / Monkey Mountain. Due to the natural shield of the Monkey Mountain, towards the open sea, it is usually here that you will find that the waves are the least. Therefore, it is also the case that you usually have to go a long way into the water before it gets really deep.

A small bonus for the experience on this part is the fact that the monkeys on the Monkey Mountain, from time to time, come all the way down the rocks close to the water, to swim and see if there might also be food to find..
Hua Hin City beach
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Photo: South side of the City Beach.
Hua Hin City Beach
The most used and most "touristy" beach in Hua Hin is the beach in the heart of Hua Hin city, quite close to the major popular luxury hotels Sofitel Central Hotel and Hilton, whose pool area is stairway right down to the beach. It is actually said that the city name Hua Hin, which means "Stone head", is derived from the rock formations seen in the water next to the Sofitel Hotel.
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Photo: Beware of the rocks on the City Beach.
The water at the beach in town is usually quite calm and the sand is always very soft. Many tourists, of course, are looking forward to being close to the many restaurants and shopping options that are close by. At the downturn to the beach that is located in the street at the Sofitel hotel there is relatively close up with sun loungers and umbrellas, but you only go about 100 m. Further of the beach, it will be quite easy to find a relatively quiet and quiet place to lie ..

If you want to live right down to this lovely beach, while being at the heart of the city, Hilton can be the perfect choice as the hotel has a garden and swimming pool right down to the beach.

Our favorite hotels in Hua Hin city beach area are:
Takiab Beach - Hua Hin south
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Photo: Takiab Beach is the most popular beach among locals.
Takiab Beach
Takiab Beach is located approx. 7 km south of the "main beach" inside the city and on the south side of Khao Takiap "Abebjerget".
Set in relation to the beach within the city, here is much more fun and the beach is somewhat wider, with ample room to romp for both children and adults.

However, the water at Takiab Beach is not always as fun as it does. is in town, but at Takiab Beach you have the opportunity to ride pony / horse and rent watercraft as well as the possibility of being drawn on the track after a speedboat.

If you come from the city please ask. your taxi driver to get off at the hotel blue wave Here you will find many beach beds with umbrellas and several small eateries on the beach. In terms of food and drink here are slightly lower prices than on the beach in the city center and renting a beach bed is about 100 THB per day.

Ca. 500m from the Blue Wave hotel, as mentioned earlier just south of Abebjerget, is one of Hua Hin's newest golf courses, namely the Seapine Golf Course.

The Seapine Golf Course (or the Royal Thai Army Sports Center, as the place is also called) is located in the former military area and the characteristic of the course is that up to several of the 18 holes are right next to the beach.

Maybe a day should be spent on a combination of sun, beach and golf?
There are several nice hotels in the area at Takiab Beach and there is a new time as construction is completed on the many construction sites in the area.

Many of the hotels are located by road a little inland but there are also a couple of things that we recommend are located right down to the water ..

Our favorite hotels on Takiab Beach:
Anantasila Villa by the Sea. In fact this is the hotel where the Queen of Sweden stayed for some days in 2017.
Suanson Beach - Hua Hin south
Suanson Beach Hua Hin
Photo: For a quiet escape, choose Suanson Beach.
Suason beach is located approx. 15 min. south of Hua Hin city, thus it is a little southbound than Khao Takiab Beach. Yes, you can actually say that Suason Beach is just an extension of Takiab Beach.
Characteristic of Suason's beach are the large shady pine trees that provide shade on the beach and the various small outdoor dining places.
A visit to Suanson Beach usually also means more peace for other tourists, as the beach is particularly popular with locals and is not just visited by quite a few tourists.
The water in the sea next to Suason can often also be experienced, as much clearer than on the shore closer to the mountain of Abeba. There are also no rubbish so many skulls and so forth. up to the beach, which otherwise happens to some extent in the months of the year where waves and wind are the strongest.
Had sai noi beach
Had Sai Noi Beach
Photo: Sunbeds & umbrellas available at Sai Noi Beach.
Had Sai Noi Beach
Take a day trip to the small beach Had Sai Noi Beach if you want quiet and peaceful surroundings. The beach still seems reasonably undiscovered, at least for those tourists who have not been to Hua Hin before. Had Sai Noi can therefore be described as a bit of a "secret" for the more Hua Hin experienced ..

Sai Noi Beach is located at the Khao Tao area of Hua Hin which is approximately 15 km drive south of Hua Hin city. Khao Tao is a small village at the foot of a mountain with temples and Buddhas at the top.

The beach is less than 1 km long and the water becomes fairly fast deep so this is especially good for swimming for adults. Travelers with children should be careful because from time to time there may be good waves in the water.

By the beach there are a few smaller beach restaurants, which besides food and drink also offer beach chairs and umbrellas and offer a Thai massage in nearby locations. There is also the possibility of having a Thai massage right down the beach, as well as the everlasting beach lovers also working on Sai Noi Beach. However, to a lesser extent than in the Hua Hin itself.

Favourite hotels in Khao Tao area: Ibiza Hotel or Sanae Beach Club
Cha Am city beach - Hua Hin north
This lovely authentic town of Cha-Am with its lovely beach is located around 20 km north of Hua Hin.
The beach in Cha Am is the place to be for those who love various types of water sports such as; water skiing, surfing, banana boats, jetski and watercraft. A bike or horse ride along the 6 km long beach can also be an eventful activity in Cha-am.

For many people, Cha-am is a must-go on their vacation in Hua Hin and some describe the city as “Hua Hin in the old days”..

What about taking a night in Cha-am and have a closer look at the city?
Khao Kalok
This beach is a little further, approx. 40 km from Hua Hin ..
This peaceful and beautiful beach has several restaurants and a special mountain with a hole through. The beach has got its name from just this mountain "Skull Mountain", which translated into Danish means "skull-mountain".
The Khao Kalok beach can sometimes be quite crowded by locals, especially on weekends and holidays, but otherwise it's quite fun.
Området omkring Kalok Beach er pt. under løbende udvikling og en række ferieboligområder er i de senere år begyndt at dukke op med hastig fart. Dette vil i fremtiden uden tvivl tiltrække flere og flere butikker, restauranter og turister til området. Der er idag nogle meget små restauranter på stranden, hvor du kan spise alle former for fisk og skaldyr til lokale priser.
Ao Manao
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Photo: Ao Manao Beach is a quiet and beautiful getaway.
Ao Manao is well enough approx. 1-1.5 hours drive from Hua Hin but what a fantastic experience it is. The beach which is approx. 2 km long is located in a small bay with rock formations and stones in the water.

The sea is slowly becoming deep at Ao Manao and the water is beautifully azure but nevertheless it is definitely crystal clear. Due to the mountains that lie in the sea off the coast, it is our experience that there are usually no big waves at the beach.

In addition to the lovely beach, Ao Manao also offers other experiences such as a 9 hole golf course and a meeting with monkeys at a nearby mountain. Ao room at Ao Manao is available from approx. 900 THB.