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Soi Bintabaht Hua Hin nightlife

Hua Hin nightlife

Hua Hin will most likely never be even close to places like Patong Phuket, Bangkok or Pattaya when it comes to the more colorfull aspects of the nightlife scene in Thailand. How ever Hua Hin has got an ever increasing nightlife area concentrated arround the streets of Soi Bintabaht just opposite the street of the popular Hua Hin Hilton hotel.

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The nightlife of Hua Hin certainly does not belong to Thailand's wildest. The reason why the nightlife in Hua Hin is not as noisy and significant as other holiday resorts in Thailand, is most likely that the royal thai family usually lives in their palace in the city.

SOI BINTHA BAHT - The Original Red Light District

Soi Bintabaht is the original- and probably still the most popular nightlife destination in Hua Hin. Soi Bintabaht, is the red-light district of Hua Hin city and offers a wide range of adult entertainment options for visitors.

Soi Bintabaht is situated in the heart of Hua Hin and is a bustling street filled with neon lights, bars, and nightclubs. The area is known for its risqué entertainment options, including go-go bars, karaoke bars, and massage parlors.

Despite its reputation as a red-light district, Soi Bintabaht also offers a range of more traditional nightlife options, including live music venues, pubs, and restaurants. Visitors can enjoy a night out with friends while indulging in delicious Thai cuisine or listening to live music performances.

One of the most popular bars in Soi Bintabaht is the Lucky Star Bar, which offers live music performances, pool tables, and a range of drinks. The bar's friendly atmosphere makes it an excellent spot to socialize with locals and other visitors.
Hua Hin Beer Garden
Photo: Hua Hin Beer Garden in Soi Binthabaht.
Another popular spot is the Beer Garden, which offers a wide range of beers and live music. The bar's vibrant atmosphere and unique vibe make it a great spot for a night out in Hua Hin.

Soi Bintabaht may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is undoubtedly a unique and exciting destination for those looking to explore Hua Hin's lively nightlife scene. Visitors should exercise caution and stay aware of their surroundings when exploring the area.

Overall, Soi Bintabaht offers an experience that is unlike any other in Hua Hin, making it a must-visit destination for those looking for an adult-oriented night out in the city.

SOI 80 - Bar street

Soi 80 Hua Hin - Nightlife
Photo: Soi 80 Hua Hin at night.
Soi 80 is a popular bar area located in the northern part of Hua Hin. This lively street is home to a variety of bars, restaurants, and shops, and is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

One of the unique things about Soi 80 is its diverse range of bars and entertainment options. Visitors can find everything from traditional Thai bars to sports bars, live music venues, and even a few nightclubs. This variety makes it a great destination for anyone looking for a night out, whether you're in the mood for a few drinks with friends or a wild night of dancing, perhaps with one of the local girls.

One of the most popular bars in Soi 80 is
Joe´s Bar, which offers a wide range of beers and other drinks, as well as live music and a friendly atmosphere. Another favorite among visitors is the D.J Bar, which is known for its Cold beers and welcoming “sexy” staff.

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In addition to the bars, Soi 80 also has a number of restaurants and street vendors offering a variety of Thai and international cuisine. Visitors can enjoy everything from street food and noodle dishes to restaurants serving fresh seafood and other delicacies.

Overall, Soi 80 is a great destination for anyone looking to experience the vibrant nightlife of Hua Hin. With its diverse range of bars and entertainment options, there's something for everyone here, and visitors are sure to have a memorable night out in this lively part of Hua Hin at night.

SOI 94 - Bar street

Soi 94 is a unique and relaxed bar street situated in the southern part of Hua Hin, just next to the Wonderland area. It is a popular destination for visitors seeking a quieter and more sophisticated nightlife experience.

The area is known for its laid-back atmosphere and outdoor seating options, offering visitors a chance to enjoy the warm Thai weather while indulging in a few drinks with friends. The street features an array of bars and restaurants, ranging from traditional Thai bars to more Western-style pubs.

One of the most popular bars in Soi 94 is The Beer House, which is known for its wide selection of drinks, including beer, wine, and cocktails. The bar's spacious and welcoming atmosphere makes it an excellent spot to socialize with friends.

Another popular spot in Soi 94 is the Salsa Bar, which boasts lively music and dance performances. The bar serves up a variety of Latin-inspired drinks and dishes and provides a lively atmosphere for those looking to dance the night away.

Apart from the bars, visitors can also explore the range of shops and restaurants situated along the street. There is a diverse range of Thai and international cuisine available, as well as numerous boutiques and shops offering everything from clothing to souvenirs.

Overall, Soi 94 offers a more refined and upscale atmosphere compared to some of the other nightlife areas in Hua Hin. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a laid-back evening out, enjoying live music or dancing, or a leisurely evening stroll. So, visitors to Hua Hin should add Soi 94 to their list of must-visit destinations for a memorable night out in the city.

WONDERLAND - Bar complex area

Photo: Hua Hin Wonderland Bar complex.
In addition to the popular Soi 94 bar complex, there is a relatively new and trendy bar complex located in Hua Hin known as Wonderland. This new addition to Hua Hin's nightlife scene offers a unique and exciting experience for visitors looking for something fresh and innovative.

Wonderland comprises several bars, restaurants, and shops that are open until late at night. The area is characterized by its vibrant and colorful atmosphere, with the bars decorated in a range of styles, including steampunk, circus, and Alice in Wonderland.

One of the most popular bars in Wonderland the
Iconic Bar, a bar that offers a wide variety of drinks and cocktails. The bar is decorated like a circle shape palm hut bar and has a very friendly and welcoming staff.
Iconic Bar Wonderland
Photo: The friendly staff at the Iconic Bar.
Another popular spot in Wonderland is the Circus Bar, which features a quirky and colorful decor inspired by the circus. The bar's bright and playful atmosphere makes it a great spot for enjoying a drink or two with friends.
Wonderland also offers a range of dining options, including Thai, Japanese, and Italian cuisine, providing visitors with plenty of choices when it comes to food.

Overall, Wonderland is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a unique and exciting night out in Hua Hin. Its colorful and vibrant atmosphere, combined with its range of bars, restaurants, and shops, make it a great spot to explore and experience the city's lively nightlife scene.
The most popular disco in Hua Hin is the Hi4 Club which is located on the main road to Bangkok. This is where the locals hangs out, not only in the weekends but also in the weekdays. The music is loud and there are often really many people both weekdays and weekends.

Go to HI4 if you want to meet local girls and guys, and listen to deafening Thai pop music. Keep in mind that the "working" girls are hanging out here too..

The most popular nightclub among foreigners is the Hilton's Hilton Discotheque, which may be a bit misleading for a disco called “The Beer House”.
The disco at the Hilton Hotel is open for everyone and not only guests at the hotel. The interior is quite similar to what you may know from the smaller discotheques in Europe and there is also the possibility to sit outside if you want some fresh air.

As a rule of thumb, Live music is to be listened to at the Beer House every night and most of the time, there are also professional dancers on stage.
More about the Hua Hin nightlife..
Future outlook of the nightlife of Hua Hin..

The Hua Hin, talk of town, says that in the coming years there will be introduced various restrictions on Soi Bintabaht, especially to get rid of the "less serious" bars and instead make room for a little more of the nicer cafes and shops aimed at the general tourist who does not necessarily go for the vibrant nightlife.

Thus, there are political forces in the city who want to move the "nightlife" from the central part of the city to other parts of Hua Hin outside the exact city center. Like for example Soi 80..

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This debate, and if you want, "interest conflict” in political life, seems to have been going on for a number of years. Those who have visited Hua Hin on a yearly basis in recent years will probably feel that the trend has been going towards ever more and more nightlife..

Naming all bars in Hua Hin and keeping this page updated with correct names will almost be an impossible task as ownership and names in each place change with relatively high frequency. Nevertheless, there are a number of places that have proven to attract a faithful audience and keep themselves running for a long time.
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