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Whale watching Safari

Whale Safari

Did you know that it was possible to go on Whale Safari during the Hua Hin vacation?
Guaranteed not! - because there are not so many tourists who have explored that yet. Nevertheless, it is actually possible to experience whales in the Gulf of Thailand. Well, it is true that the tour boats for whale watching do not sail directly from Hua Hin, but after a short drive to the north, it is easy to get on the Whale Safari and experience the Bryde Whales romp in the Gulf of Thailand.
The Gulf of thailand is rich in wildlife and beyond the many different species of fish, there are also whales and dolphins living in the Gulf. In fact, there are approximately 20 different whale- and dolphin species in the seas around Thailand.
Facts about the Bryde´s whale
The Bryde´s whale is named after the Norwegian whaling pioneer Johan Bryde and was first described in zoological journals back in 1913.
The breeding whale can grow up to 18 meters long and weighs almost 20 tons. The female is usually slightly bigger than the male.
The Bryde´s whale is a whale species that usually occurs in tropical waters with higher temperatures than many other whales usually prefer.
Brydes whale on the surface of the ocean
Birds stealing fish from the mouth of the whale..
The Bryde´s whale is known for eating a wide variety of crustaceans, octopus, plankton and fish, and as much as almost 600 kilos a day! Some of the most popular foods for this whale species are (besides plankton) prawns, sardines and anchovies, which are also found in many places in the Thai Bay.
Bryde whales often catch their food by looking for big shoals or collections of potential prey, then swim through the shoals and swallow up almost everything available. In some cases one can also experience the whale in search of stealing prey that other predators (eg tuna) have worked hard to trap in large shoals.

If you're lucky to experience the Brydes whale at the surface of the sea, you will probably also experience big swarms of birds trying to enjoy the whale's catch. These birds collect fish from the water around the whale, but some are also so daring to dive all the way down the whale's mouth to steal the fish. It is said that some birds have to sacrifice their life at that expense, while others are fortunate enough to fly out when the whales get to the surface again ..
Tour boat Whale Safari
Whale Safari tourboat
How to explore the whales ..
Boat trips are arranged starting from the harbor at Ban Laem town which is approx. 80 km/1.5 hours drive north of Hua Hin. From here you can reach places in the Thai Bay, where there are currently more than 50 Brydes whales to be found.

There are many different tour operators on the streets of Hua Hin who, as a guarantee, would like to help you with transportation on both land and water, another option may be to book the tour through the Wild Encounter Thailand company, which is based in Bangkok. Costs around 2000-2500 THB per adult.

When is the best time?
As a rule, the Brydes whales can be experienced throughout the year in the Gulf of Thailand. But it's normaly in the months just at the end or after the rainy monsoon that it's easiest to spot them, from September to December.

Bonus info! If you and your family, instead of experiencing live whales, is ok with just seeing a real whale skeleton, then you can see such one at a small mini museum that is right next to the beach at Suan Son Beach..and it's for free !