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Wedding in Thailand
Many people dream of having a wedding under warm skies and substitute the traditional western church or town hall with a little more romantic, or at least different surroundings.
If you dream of arranging your wedding to be held in Thailand, you can easily make it happen, because many hotels will be in line to make your day a great experience.
If you want to get married in Thailand, there are at least a couple of things to check out from the start, namely, whether your wedding is going to be legally valid or it's just the ceremony or party that should be the focal point.
If the wedding is to be legally valid according to most western legislation, we recommend that you take a look at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website where you most often can read about the conditions for legal marriages abroad.

If you just want a wedding ceremony with possibly an associated party, for example, both things can be arranged to take place directly on the beach, so just contact one of the hotels that can arrange something like that in the city you are in and it should be relatively easy to find in most cities in Thailand.

In Hua Hin there are a number of hotels that engage in "wedding planning" and that will help you to put together the perfect day. If necessary take a look at their websites and then you will have an idea of ​​the options available;
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Wedding in Thailand