Songkran, Thai New Year
Songkran New Year
Songkran- The Thai New Year, !
- the world´s biggest water fight..
If you suffer from “water allergy” then you should definitely stay indoors..
Songkran New Year in Hua Hin
Tourists armed to their teet during the Songkran. Foto:
Songkran is Thailand's New Year, and the Thais celebrate it like it is the world's biggest water fight..and it is !

Songkran "The Thai New Year" is celebrated every year throughout Thailand on the 13 th to 15 th of April, and often there are advances on the event already a few days before.
The thai people simply just loves Songkran, and there are happy days wherever you choose to go on vacation in Thailand. So do the big smile if you're in Hua Hin these days!

Songkran in Hua Hin city ..
Do not go to down town Hua Hin if you are afraid of getting wet, because it's almost impossible not to get wet if you approach Hua Hin city.
Take care of your self and yours in traffic too, because unfortunately, during Songkran, there is a lot of traffic kills in Thailand..
Songkran is Thailand's New Year, and it is celebrated like being the world's biggest water fight!
In addition to the fact that almost all Thai people are ready for a little water fight fun (or at least to pour some water on you), many also walk around with small bowls with a white "cream”-like substance. This is also a fixed piece of Songkran. You are lubricating this cream in the face so that it almost resembles a white mask.
See it as a friendly gesture if a Thai would like to give you this "facial treatment" originally taken from the monks' rituals and under the songkran it is transferred to the street.
Girl with Water gun in Hua Hin
Where is Songkran celebrated in Hua Hin?
Songkran is celebrated everywhere in Hua Hin, but if you're looking for the wildest part of the fun, then go to the city center and maybe take a walk past the bars around Soi Binthabaht!

Songkran and Buddhism..

Although Songkran, for outsiders, can be perceived as if it is only one big water fight and fun, Songkran is also a very special feast for the many believers of Buddhism in Thailand. Many Thais are also going to the temples during the Songkran, where they pray, give food and gifts to the monks and participate in various rituals that are supposed to bring happiness in the coming year.
Don´t get mad!
If you can not stand getting wet, then keep away from your front doorsteps during the days of Songkran, or at least do not go into town. You can NOT avoid getting wet, and the Thai people find it hard to understand if you get angry once being soaked in water.
If you suffer from "water allergy" and you then get wet anyways, please just smile because if there is something a Thai do not understand, it is if you get angry or annoyed..
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All Thais loves a good party and they love Songkran !
If you are lucky enough to be in Thailand during the Thai New Year, do not cheat yourself for the experience it may be, when the Thai people are most happy..namely when they celebrate the Songkran.
Multi-day parties and funny times can be your vacation experience if you are not afraid to get wet and connect with your inner "child" !
Songkran ritual
More good advices for a nice Songkran !

* Remember a water gun or water rifle when you go to town.
* Carry a waterproof cover / bag for your mobile phone and photo device.
* Wear clothes that can withstand being wet or "dingy"
* Beware of traffic ...
* ”Good luck" face powder (ask in the supermarket)
* Remember Positive and Friendly attitude ..
* Don´t get mad if you get wet. The thais will not understand!
* Stay at the hotel if you suffer from water allergy :-)
* Smile Smile smile to the Thais and Thailand smiles to you!
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