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Krabi, in recent years, has become a highly popular destination for visitors to Thailand, probably due to the relatively recent opening of an International airport terminal. All the same, Krabi still retains its charm and is largely untouched by the outside influences that visit every year.
About 1000 km south of Bangkok, Krabi is situated on the opposite coastline of the Malacca Strait to Phuket. The town is quite small with approximately 25,000 inhabitants and offers the same as most towns in Thailand. Lots of markets, shopping, restaurants with exotic foods, temples (wats) etc. and a friendly local population but does lack in “big attractions”. However, as holiday destination, it is well worth a visit, and there is plenty to keep you occupied. It may not be too surprising to know that most visitors come here following a few days in Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok and the contrast in the two locations could not further apart.

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Did You know about Krabi.. ?
- Krabi is located 590 kilometers from Hua Hin, about 7 hours drive by car
So what is on offer at Krabi?
There are miles of coastline that is quite spectacular, lots of water sports (as you might expect next to the sea), rock climbing, and caves and more. Accommodation is as varied as anywhere, from bungalows on or near the beach all the way through to 5 star hotels.

As the entire region is situated on limestone it is hardly surprising that there are cave systems that have evolved over 1000’s of years and these are fantastic places to go exploring. Many caves are steeped in folklore and said to be home to spirits.
The Khao Khanab Nam Mountains are a must-see for all visitors to the area and are regarded by many as the gateway to the town. The natural formations have been eroded by a river that runs between them creating one of the most popular photograph opportunities and is a wonderful beauty spot.
If natural history, geology or artefacts is of interest to you then you should head for Krabi Shell Cemetry (Susan Hoi). It is about 17km south west of Krabi town and contains exhibits thought to be as old as 25+ million years, some has said as much as 75 million years old! This cemetery is believed to be 1 or only 3 in the world; it is an opportunity not to be missed. It is advisable to visit either early morning or in the late afternoon as the daytime sun can be too strong for many visitors and by booking a guide you will obtain as much information as you could ever want.

Squba diving and snorkelling are popular activities in this area. The only problem you will experience is deciding which dive site to use, there are so many to choose from and most (if not all) are as good as each other. For beginners, the waters here are calm and clear making dives a safer activity. Ao Nang Islands is a cluster of 9 rocky islands with Pipefish, Nudibranches and Sea Horses populating the waters and with underwater caverns and impressive reefs this really is a wonderful area to explore. Among the macro-life, which is probably the best in Thailand, you may find species such as Mantis Shrimp, Frog Fish, Giant Groupers, Bamboo Sharks and Black Tipped Reef Sharks.
As with Phuket, Phi Phi Islands is accessible from Krabi and offer more of the best diving areas in the country. A wide range of Corals act as home and shelter to Snappers and Fusiliers. You may even get to view Leopard Sharks, Yellow Tail Barracudas and Black Tipped Reef Sharks. Shark point is also a notable area for the diver and is world famous for its dive sites. Leopard Sharks are here as are Clown Fish among the huge array of other species. Squid, Hawksbill Turtles and Giant Barracuda also visit these waters. I have mentioned a few great diving areas but there are so many more that it is advisable to read up on them before committing to a location to dive.
There is an estimated 200 Islands around Krabi and adjacent coastline; many are not accessible as they are not much more than little rocky outcrops but there are others with beaches and coral reefs. It is possible to “Island hop” by renting a boat in Krabi town, Railey or Ao Nang but a good alternative is to make an inclusive snorkelling or Kayaking trip with a guide. Be aware though that not all islands are accessible between May and October (the wet monsoon) as the weather is very unpredictable and changes in an instant.

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The next section covers the nightlife in and around Krabi.

As with most locations, where tourists visit, there is a concentration of bars with working girls. If this does not interest you, then you may stop here, as this is the last section.

Krabi is nothing like Bangkok or Pattaya, not even similar to Patong or Phuket. Krabi has developed in to more of a “normal” holiday destination and the diving is perhaps the biggest draw to the visitor. There are of course some bars with girls available for your entertainment but it is far more limited and while there are also some go-go bars, again it is on a small scale and not as raunchy as other locations.
Sois 2, 7 and 11 off Maharat Road offers a few karaoke bars where you can also be entertained by the hostesses. Going slightly further afield, in Ao Nang beach there is a small area of concentrated bars tucked away behind the beachfront near Center Point. If you are planning on visiting Thailand for the “girls” then Krabi may not be the best place to visit to begin with. A better option would be to stay 2 or 3 days in one of the bigger locations, find a girl you are happy to spend time with and then maybe take her to Krabi for a holiday. She will be extremely grateful for you taking her away from her normal “working” life and you can both enjoy a fabulous time looking at what the Krabi region has to offer.

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