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Sometimes it can be nice just to get a little break on the holiday in Hua Hin, so how about taking a few days trip to one or more of the amazing islands that are within reasonable driving distance of Hua Hin ?
There are several tour operators in Hua Hin which will be more than happy to help out out and make sure that you will have an enjoyable trip where ever you choose to go and you can normally always quite easily find a good hotel whit in a couple of days notice. Or what about a beach hut located right on the beach ?

Koh Talu

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Koh Talu is only approximately 2-3 hrs drive from Hua Hin, and if you want to visit the island, then the trip goes south, through Thailand's beautiful nature and then on by boat to the island for approximately an other 30 min.
It is quite easy to book a trip to Koh Talu as most hotels in Hua Hin will have tour brochures lying at the reception desk with information regarding how to book.

Ko Talu is famous for its clear water and its beautiful coral reef as well as lots of exciting fish in the sea and the chalk-white sandy beach. The island is also known for its sea / nature projects that aim to rebuild the coral reefs and ensure a good population of sea turtles. Thus, there is actually a kind of "sea turtle feeding room" on the island where sea turtle eggs are hatched.

Back in the 70s and 80s, the ocean around Koh Talu was exposed to quite violent overfishing, some of which happened with the use of dynamite. This severely affected both wildlife and the coral reef around the island. Fortunately, Koh Talu is now well taken care of. After the island came into private ownership, the new owner, together with the local fishermen, has been strongly involved in the nature conservation project to ensure the future beauty and survival of Koh Talu´s nature and wildlife.
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